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Höfundur lags: David Gilmour Sent inn af: Anonymous
[Fm7]    [Em7]    [Fm7]    [Em7]    [Fm7]    [Em7]    
[Gm]    [Dm]    [Gm]    [Dm]    [D]    
[Fm7]    [Em7]    [Fm7]    [Em7]    [Fm7]    [Em7]    
[Gm]    [Dm]    [Gm]    [Dm]    [D]    
[G]Where we [Gm7]start is[Fm7] where we e[Em7]nd(2temps)
[G]We step out [Gm7]sweetly[Fm7], with nothing p[Bb+]lann    [Bb]ed   
[G]Along by the [Gm7]river [Fm7]we feed bread to the s[Em7]wans    
[G]And then over the [Gm7]footbridge[Fm7] to the woods b[Bb+]eyon    [Bb]d   

[Am]We walk ourselves [Fm7]weary, y[Em7]ou and I[C]    
[Am]There's just this [Fm7]moment .[Gm7]music    [Dm]    [Gm7]    [Dm]    [D]    
[G]I light a [Gm7]campfire [Fm7]away from the [Em7]path    
[G]We lie in the [Gm7]bluebells[Fm7], a woodpecker l[Bb+]augh    [Bb]s   
[Am]Time passes [Fm7]slowly [Em7]our hearts entwine[C]d  
[Am]All of the [Fm7]dark times [Gm7]left behind[Dm] mu   [Gm7]sic     [Dm]    [D]    
[G]    [Gm7]    [Fm7]    [Em7]    [G]    [Gm7]    [Fm7]    [Bb]    [Bb]    
[Am]    [Fm7]    [Em7]    [C]    [Am]    [Fm7]    [Gm7]    [Dm]    [Gm7]    [Dm]    [D]    
[G]The day is [Gm7]done    
[Fm7]The sun sinks [Em7]low    
[G]We fold up the [Gm7]blanket[Fm7] it's time to g[Bb]o   
[Am]We walk ourselves [Fm7]weary    [Em7] arm in ar[C]m  
[Am]Back through the [Fm7]twilight

[Gm]Home again [Dm]    [Gm]home again [Dm]    
[Bm]We waltz in the m[G]oonlight a[F#m]nd the embers g[D]low  
[Bm]So much [G]behind us
[Fm7]Still far to go[Em7].    
[Fm7]still far to g[Em7]o. [Fm7+]    [Em]    

Where we start is where we end(2temps)
We step out sweetly, with nothing planned
Along by the river we feed bread to the swans
And then over the footbridge to the woods beyond

We walk ourselves weary, you and I
There's just this moment .music
I light a campfire away from the path
We lie in the bluebells, a woodpecker laughs
Time passes slowly our hearts entwined
All of the dark times left behind music

The day is done
The sun sinks low
We fold up the blanket it's time to go
We walk ourselves weary arm in arm
Back through the twilight

Home again home again
We waltz in the moonlight and the embers glow
So much behind us
Still far to go.
still far to go.

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