To My Sorrow

Höfundur lags: Vernice J. McAlpin Höfundur texta: Vernice J. McAlpin Flytjandi: Eddy Arnold Sent inn af: Anonymous
[G7]To my [C]sorrow I [C7]loved you [F]only
Cause you [C]told me your heart was [G7]true   
Then you [C]left me [C7]to love an[F]other
To my [C]sorrow  [G7]I trusted [C]you  

Only [F]time can heal this [G7]longing in my [C]heart dear
And [D7]somebody else may help me to [G7]forget
I should [C]hate you for [C7]all these [F]heartaches
But to my [C]sorrow  [G7]I love you [C]yet  

[G7]To my [C]sorrow you [C7]made a [F]vow dear
And you [C]promised to never [G7]go   
Now your [C]promise and [C7]vows are [F]broken
Why I [C]love you  [G7]I'll never [C]know

Maybe [F]someday when your [G7]hair has turned to [C]silver
You'll be [D7]sorry that you said we had to [G7]part   
Though I'm [C]smiling in[C7]side I'm [F]crying
Cause to my [C]sorrow  [G7]you're in my [C]heart

To my sorrow I loved you only
Cause you told me your heart was true
Then you left me to love another
To my sorrow  I trusted you

Only time can heal this longing in my heart dear
And somebody else may help me to forget
I should hate you for all these heartaches
But to my sorrow  I love you yet

To my sorrow you made a vow dear
And you promised to never go
Now your promise and vows are broken
Why I love you  I'll never know

Maybe someday when your hair has turned to silver
You'll be sorry that you said we had to part
Though I'm smiling inside I'm crying
Cause to my sorrow  you're in my heart

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