Time Goes So Slow

Höfundur lags: the Louvin Brothers Höfundur texta: the Louvin Brothers Flytjandi: the Louvin Brothers Sent inn af: Anonymous
[C]If you have a loved one and [C7]she's not with [F]you  
Then I guess that [C]you know what I'm going [G7]through
The [C]night is forever and [C7]lonely winds [F]blow
And I feel like [C]crying for [G7]time goes so [C]slow

I [G7]love you I need you I [F]want no one [C]else
With a [G7]crowd all around me I'm [F]still by [C]myself
When will it be over  oh [C7]darling you [F]know
My arms are just [C]waiting and [G7]time goes so [C]slow

You've  never known sorrow [C7]until you have [F]found
Your whole heart is [C]missing when she's not [G7]around
Oh what a heartache  I [C7]try not to [F]show
Please won't you [C]come back to me
For [G7]time goes so [C]slow

If you have a loved one and she's not with you
Then I guess that you know what I'm going through
The night is forever and lonely winds blow
And I feel like crying for time goes so slow

I love you I need you I want no one else
With a crowd all around me I'm still by myself
When will it be over  oh darling you know
My arms are just waiting and time goes so slow

You've  never known sorrow until you have found
Your whole heart is missing when she's not around
Oh what a heartache  I try not to show
Please won't you come back to me
For time goes so slow

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