They Call the Wind Mariah

Höfundur lags: Alan J. Lerner og Frederick Loewe Flytjandi: Jim Ed Brown Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]Way out west they [Am]have a name for [C]rain and wind and [Am]fire   
The [C]rain is Tess the [Am]fire's Joe and they [F]call the [G7]wind [C]Mariah
Mariah blows the [Am]stars around and [C]sets the clouds a-[Am]flying
Ma[C]riah makes the mou[Am]ntains sound like [F]folks [G7]up there were [C]dying

[Am]Mariah [Em]Mariah
They [F]call the [G7]wind M[C]ariah

Before I knew [Am]Mariah's name or [C]heard her wail and [Am]whining
I [C]had a gal and she [Am]had me and the [F]sun was [G7]always [C]shining
And then one [Am]day I left that gal [C]I left her far behind [Am]me   
And [C]now I'm lost I'm so [Am]darn lost not [F]even [G7]God can find [C]me  

[Am]Mariah M[Em]ariah
They [F]call the [G7]wind M[C]ariah

Out her they´ve [Am]got a name for [C]rain wind and [Am]fire only
And [C]when you're lost [Am]and all alone there [F]ain't no [G7]word for [C]lonely
Well I'm a lost [Am]and lonely man [C]without a star to [Am]guide me
Ma[C]riah blow my [Am]love to me I [F]need a [G7]her beside [C]me  

[Am]Mariah [Em]Mariah
They [F]call the [G7]wind M[C]ariah

Way out west they have a name for rain and wind and fire
The rain is Tess the fire's Joe and they call the wind Mariah
Mariah blows the stars around and sets the clouds a-flying
Mariah makes the mountains sound like folks up there were dying

Mariah Mariah
They call the wind Mariah

Before I knew Mariah's name or heard her wail and whining
I had a gal and she had me and the sun was always shining
And then one day I left that gal I left her far behind me
And now I'm lost I'm so darn lost not even God can find me

Mariah Mariah
They call the wind Mariah

Out her they´ve got a name for rain wind and fire only
And when you're lost and all alone there ain't no word for lonely
Well I'm a lost and lonely man without a star to guide me
Mariah blow my love to me I need a her beside me

Mariah Mariah
They call the wind Mariah

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