Theres No You

Höfundur lags: Tom Adair og Hal Hopper Flytjandi: Frank Sinatra Sent inn af: jonagust

[A7/6] I      [Dalt]feel the [D9]autu   [D]mn b[Gm7]reeze,[A7]    
It st[D9]eals 'cross my [F#m]pillow as [Gm7]soft as a [Edim]will-o'-the-w[D]isp,
[F#m]And in its [Dalt]song there is [C#7]sadness be[Gdim]cause     
T[Em7]here's[G/B] no y    [A7]ou.   

[A7/6]The l     [Dalt]onely      [D9]autu   [D]mn t[Gm7]rees, [A7]    
How s[D9]oftly they're [F#m]sighing, for [Gm7]summer is [Edim]dying,     
They k[D]now [F#m] that in my [Dalt]heart there's no [C#7]gladness b[Gdim]ecause     
T[Em7]here's[Edim] no y     [D]ou.  

The [D7/9]park that we [D7]walked in, the g[D7/9]arden we t[D7]alked in --
How [G]lonesome they [Cdim]seem      [Am7] in the f[G]all!
The s[D9]tormy clouds h[E]over and[Bm7-5] falling leaves c[E]over
[A]Our [Edim]favorite [E]nook[Fdim] in the [A7]wall.

[A7/6] In s     [Dalt]pring we'll m[D9]eet    [D]a - g[Gm7]ain, [A7]    
We'll k[D9]iss and r[F#m]ecapture the s[Gm7]ummertime [Edim]rapture we k[D]new,
And [F#m]from that [Dalt]day, never [C#7]more will I[Gdim] say     
[Em7]There'[Edim]s no      [D]you.

I feel the autumn breeze,
It steals 'cross my pillow as soft as a will-o'-the-wisp,
And in its song there is sadness because
There's no you.

The lonely autumn trees,
How softly they're sighing, for summer is dying,
They know that in my heart there's no gladness because
There's no you.

The park that we walked in, the garden we talked in --
How lonesome they seem in the fall!
The stormy clouds hover and[Bm7-5] falling leaves cover
Our favorite nook in the wall.

In spring we'll meet a - gain,
We'll kiss and recapture the summertime rapture we knew,
And from that day, never more will I say
There's no you.

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