Ten Thousand Drums

Höfundur lags: Mel Tillis og Carl Smith Flytjandi: Johnny Horton Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]Waiting waiting for the [F]redcoats to [C]come
But [F]all I hear in my [C]frozen ears is [F]ten thousand [C]drums
[F]Ten thousand [C]drums Johnny [F]Johnny don't be a[C]fraid
[F]We can whip those [C]redcoats [F]setting in the [C]shade
[F]Setting in the [C]shade

We've [F]got the best of [C]all the rest of [F]General Washing[C]ton  
And [F]when we meet those [C]redcoats [F]watch them redcoats [C]run  
[F]Throwing down their [C]drums [F]throwing down their [C]drums

Listen listen [F]Johnny better get your [C]gun  
Cause [F]there ain't wooden [C]soldiers be[F]hind ten thousand [C]drums
Be[F]hind ten thousand [C]drums
Running running [F]Johnny watch them [C]run  
[F]We finally whip those [C]redcoats [F]finally stop those [C]drums
We [F]stopped ten thousand [C]drums

[F]We're the best of [C]all the rest such [F]Yankee son of a [C]guns
[F]We can tell our [C]mommies [F]how we made them [C]run throwing down their drums
[F]Throwing down their [C]drums [F]going down their [C]drums
[F]Ten thousand [C]drums

Waiting waiting for the redcoats to come
But all I hear in my frozen ears is ten thousand drums
Ten thousand drums Johnny Johnny don't be afraid
We can whip those redcoats setting in the shade
Setting in the shade

We've got the best of all the rest of General Washington
And when we meet those redcoats watch them redcoats run
Throwing down their drums throwing down their drums

Listen listen Johnny better get your gun
Cause there ain't wooden soldiers behind ten thousand drums
Behind ten thousand drums
Running running Johnny watch them run
We finally whip those redcoats finally stop those drums
We stopped ten thousand drums

We're the best of all the rest such Yankee son of a guns
We can tell our mommies how we made them run throwing down their drums
Throwing down their drums going down their drums
Ten thousand drums

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