Suffer In Silence

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[C]I   [G7]think I should speak to you [C]stranger
[G7]Your problem is clear now to [C]me  
You [G7]think that the whole world's [C]against you
And [G7]you tell everyone that you [C]see  

[A7]Just suffer in silence [D7]speak no bitter words
[G7]The world offers no sympa[C]th  [E7]y   
Though [C]trouble surrounds you and [F]you long to be heard
[G7]Just suffer in silence like [C]me  

I'll [G7]give you a lesson in [C]living
[G7]And I hope it stays with you [C]awhile
You're [G7]the reason for all of [C]your sorrows
So [G7]just suffer in silence and [C]smile

I think I should speak to you stranger
Your problem is clear now to me
You think that the whole world's against you
And you tell everyone that you see

Just suffer in silence speak no bitter words
The world offers no sympathy
Though trouble surrounds you and you long to be heard
Just suffer in silence like me

I'll give you a lesson in living
And I hope it stays with you awhile
You're the reason for all of your sorrows
So just suffer in silence and smile

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