Stairway To The Stars

Höfundur lags: Frank Signorelli , Matty Malneck og Mitchell Parish Höfundur texta: Frank Signorelli , Matty Malneck og Mitchell Parish Flytjandi: Glenn Miller Sent inn af: Anonymous
There's a [Dm]silver trail of[Fdim] moonlight
Leading [Em7]upward to the [A9]sky,   
And the [Dm]night is like a[Fdim] velvet lulla[E7-5]by.     
There's a h[E9]eaven of blue,
And we'll[Bb7] go there, just you a[A7sus4]nd I. [A7]    [A7+5]    

L[D]et's [A7+5]build a s[Am7]tairway to the stars,[G#7]    [Gm7]    
And climb that [Gdim]stairway to the sta[Bm]rs   
With love be[E9]side us to[Em7] fill the[A7+5] night with [C7]a son[B7]g.    [G#7]    [G7]    

[D]We'll[A7+5] hear the [Am7]sound of violins[G#7],     [Gm7]    
Out yonder [Gdim]where the blue begins[Bm];   
The moon will [E9]guide us a[Em7]s we g[A7+5]o driving [D6]along[Fdim].      [C#7]    

[F#m]Can't we sail away[B9] on a lazy[Bm] daisy petal
[F#m]Over the rim of the [B9]hill?
[Em]Can't we sail away[A9] on a littl[Am]e dream
And settle[Em7] high on the[F#] crest of a [Bb7]thrill?[A7]    [A7+5]    [D]    

Let's[A7+5] build a s[Am7]tairway to the star[G#7]s,     [Gm7]    
A lovely [Gdim]stairway to the [C7]stars[Bm];   
It would be [E9]heaven to[Dm7] climb t[G7+5]o heaven wit[D6]h yo   [B9]u.    [A7]    [A7+5]    [D6/9]    

There's a silver trail of moonlight
Leading upward to the sky,
And the night is like a velvet lulla[E7-5]by.
There's a heaven of blue,
And we'll go there, just you and I.

Let's build a stairway to the stars,
And climb that stairway to the stars
With love beside us to fill the night with a song.

We'll hear the sound of violins,
Out yonder where the blue begins;
The moon will guide us as we go driving along.

Can't we sail away on a lazy daisy petal
Over the rim of the hill?
Can't we sail away on a little dream
And settle high on the crest of a thrill?

Let's build a stairway to the stars,
A lovely stairway to the stars;
It would be heaven to climb to heaven with you.

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