Song with no name

Höfundur lags: Shane MacGowan Höfundur texta: Shane MacGowan Flytjandi: Shane MacGowan & the popes Sent inn af: svanurkri
Capó á 2. bandi
[C]Long years ago I f[F]ell in love
With a lady proud and f[C]air  
So [C]Passionate were [F]she and I
we made [C]fire in the [Am]air   
I [C]loved her more than l[F]ife itself
She [C]loved me just the [Am]same   
And it [C]broke my heart to t[F]hink we,d part
If she [C]ended [F]the [C]affair

[C]Nit I was brutal I [F]was ignorant
I was cruel I was [C]brash
I [C]never gave a d[F]am about
The [C]beauty that I s[Am]mashed
No [C]sadist but I [F]took to delight
At [C]making my love [Am]cry   
Now I,d [C]pray for a single [F]kiss from her
To be l[C]ashed a[F]nd cruc[C]ified

[C]And now I fear this [F]lady fair
Will never more be [C]mine
long [C]gone are nights in my [F]lonely bed
all s[C]uffering and c[Am]rying
And [C]thought I fear that t[F]hrough this life
She´ll c[C]all me only [Am]friend
'Till I'm [C]dead and buried in [F]my grave
my love w[C]ill n[F]ever e[C]nd  

Long years ago I fell in love
With a lady proud and fair
So Passionate were she and I
we made fire in the air
I loved her more than life itself
She loved me just the same
And it broke my heart to think we,d part
If she ended the affair

Nit I was brutal I was ignorant
I was cruel I was brash
I never gave a dam about
The beauty that I smashed
No sadist but I took to delight
At making my love cry
Now I,d pray for a single kiss from her
To be lashed and crucified

And now I fear this lady fair
Will never more be mine
long gone are nights in my lonely bed
all suffering and crying
And thought I fear that through this life
She´ll call me only friend
'Till I'm dead and buried in my grave
my love will never end

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