Someone For Everyone

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[G]They say that some-time some-where
There's someone for [B7]every-[C]one  
And I found that [D7]one [C]my search is [D7]done   
But much to my [G]regret
You're [C]someone for [G]every-[C]one  
Just [D7]everyone you've [G]met  

[C]I heard one [D7]day [C]some wise one [D7]say   
There's [C]someone [D7]for every[G]one  
[C]I didn't [D7]doubt [C]I looked [D7]about
[A7]Searching for my special [D7]one   

Then I [C]found you oh yes I [G]found you
[C]And through my [D7]tears I can see
You're [C]some-[D7]one for [G]every-[C]one  
[D7]Every-one but [G]me  

They say that some-time some-where
There's someone for every-one
And I found that one my search is done
But much to my regret
You're someone for every-one
Just everyone you've met

I heard one day some wise one say
There's someone for everyone
I didn't doubt I looked about
Searching for my special one

Then I found you oh yes I found you
And through my tears I can see
You're some-one for every-one
Every-one but me

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