Slightly Used Woman

Höfundur lags: Tommy Boyce , Melvin Powers og Tammy Wynette Flytjandi: Tammy Wynette Sent inn af: Anonymous
[G]Down the street on the right there's a [C]house painted [G]white
It's a mansion as [D7]fit for a [G]queen [D7]    
Swimming [G]pool in the back limou[C]sine long and [G]black
Pretty flowers on a [D7]lawn soft and [G]green

There's a fountain so fine a water[C]fall with clinging [G]vines
A doll house with [D7]toys on the [G]floor [D7]    
There's a [G]seesaw that's new and a [C]swing painted [G]blue
A welcome sign [D7]hangs on the [G]door

But [C]inside there's a slightly used [G]woman
On her body there's [A7]scars and there´s [D7]dents
She's just [G]waiting for someone to [C]love her
And [G]ignore all his [D7]deep finger[G]prints [D7]    

Maybe [G]somewhere a [G7]slightly used [C]someone
Will [G]ignore all his [D7]deep finger[G]prints [C]    
He´ll [G]ignore all his [D7]deep finger[C]pri-n[G]ts  

Down the street on the right there's a house painted white
It's a mansion as fit for a queen
Swimming pool in the back limousine long and black
Pretty flowers on a lawn soft and green

There's a fountain so fine a waterfall with clinging vines
A doll house with toys on the floor
There's a seesaw that's new and a swing painted blue
A welcome sign hangs on the door

But inside there's a slightly used woman
On her body there's scars and there´s dents
She's just waiting for someone to love her
And ignore all his deep fingerprints

Maybe somewhere a slightly used someone
Will ignore all his deep fingerprints
He´ll ignore all his deep fingerpri-nts

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