Silent Sunlight

Höfundur lags: Cat Stevens Höfundur texta: Cat Stevens Flytjandi: Cat Stevens Sent inn af: undrandi
[F] Si  [C]lent [F]sun  [C]light,
[Em] Welcome in,
There is [F]work,
I must [G]now be-[C]gin.

[C] All [E7]my    [Am]dreams have,
[D] Blown a-[G]way,
And the [Em]children,
[A7] Wait to [D]play.

[D] They'll [G]soon re-[C]member,
[Em] Things to [F]do,  
When the [G]heart is [Em]young,
And the [D7]night is [G]done,
And the [G7]sky is [C]blue.

[F]    [C]    [F]    [C]    [G7]    [C]    

[F] Mor-[C]ning [F]song-[C]bird,
[Em] Sing away,
Lend a [F]tune to,
a-[G]nother [C]day.

[C] Bring [G7]your [Am]wings,
And [D]choose a [G]roof,
Sing a [Em]song of,
[A7] Love and [D]truth.

[D] We'll [G]soon re-[C]member,
[Em] If you [F]do,  
When all [G]things were [Em]tall,
And our [D7]friends were [G]small,
And the [G11]world [G7]was    [C]new!

[F]    [C]    [F]    [C]    [G]    [C]    

[F] Slee-[C]py   [F]hor-[C]ses,
[Em] Heave away,
Put your [F]backs,
To the [G]golden [C]hay.

Don't [C]ever [E7]look be-[Am]hind,
At the w[D]ork you've [G]done,
[G] For your [Em]work has,
[A7] Just be-[D]gun.

[D] There'll [G]be the [C]evening,
[Em] In the [F]end,
But 'till that,
[G] Time ar-[Em]rives,
You can [D7]rest your [G]eyes,
And be-[G7]gin a-[C]gain.

Silent sunlight,
Welcome in,
There is work,
I must now be-gin.

All my dreams have,
Blown a-way,
And the children,
Wait to play.

They'll soon re-member,
Things to do,
When the heart is young,
And the night is done,
And the sky is blue.

Mor-ning song-bird,
Sing away,
Lend a tune to,
a-nother day.

Bring your wings,
And choose a roof,
Sing a song of,
Love and truth.

We'll soon re-member,
If you do,
When all things were tall,
And our friends were small,
And the world was new!

Slee-py hor-ses,
Heave away,
Put your backs,
To the golden hay.

Don't ever look be-hind,
At the work you've done,
For your work has,
Just be-gun.

There'll be the evening,
In the end,
But 'till that,
Time ar-rives,
You can rest your eyes,
And be-gin a-gain.

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