My One, Only Love

Höfundur lags: Robert Mellin og Guy Wood Flytjandi: Frank Sinatra Sent inn af: kjartansverrisson

[C]The very t[Em7]hought of you makes[Dm7] my heart s[G7]ing,   
Like an [Cm7]April b[F]reeze on the [Dm6]wings of s[Em7]pring.
[Dm7]And you app[G7]ear in all your s[C]plen[C/B] -     [Am7]dor,     [Am7/G]    
[Dm7]My one and [G7]on - ly lo[C]ve.  

[C]The shadows [Em7]fall and spread their [Dm7]mystic c[G7]harms
In the [Cm7]hush of ni[F]ght while you are[Dm6] in my a[Em7]rms.    
[Dm7]I feel your l[G7]ips so warm and t[C]en  [C/B] -     [Am7]der,     [Am7/G]    
[Dm7]My one and [G7]on - ly lo[C]ve.  

The t[Em]ouch of your hand is like [F#m7]heaven, [B7]    
A h[Em]eaven that I've never [F#m7]known. [B7]    
The [Em]blush on your c[Em7]heek whe[A9]never I s[A7/9]peak     
[Dm]Tells me that[Dm+7] you are my [Dm7]own.     [G7]    

[C]You fill my [Em7]eager heart with[Dm7] such de[G7]sire,
Every k[Cm7]iss you g[F]ive sets my [Dm6]soul on [Em7]fire,    
[Dm7]I give mys[G7]elf in sweet sur - r[C]en  [C/B] - d    [Am7]er,     [Am7/G]    
[Dm7]My one and [G7]only l[C]ove.

The very thought of you makes my heart sing,
Like an April breeze on the wings of spring.
And you appear in all your splen - dor,
My one and on - ly love.

The shadows fall and spread their mystic charms
In the hush of night while you are in my arms.
I feel your lips so warm and ten - der,
My one and on - ly love.

The touch of your hand is like heaven,
A heaven that I've never known.
The blush on your cheek whenever I speak
Tells me that you are my own.

You fill my eager heart with such desire,
Every kiss you give sets my soul on fire,
I give myself in sweet sur - ren - der,
My one and only love.

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