My Mother

Höfundur lags: Kitty Wells Höfundur texta: Kitty Wells Flytjandi: Kitty Wells Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]My mother with [F]love so good and true
[C]Just like an angel was [D7]sent down from the [G7]blue   
[C]Could I but carry the [F]burdens away
[C]For my [G7]mother to[C]day  

[F]Through words of anger [C]still she'll befriend
[D7]Instead of envy she'll [G7]give give again
[C]When day is ended a [F]soft voice you'll hear
[C]Dear God forgive us [G7]is my mother's [C]prayer

My mother as [F]pure as precious gold
[C]Fresh in my memory [D7]she'll never grow [G7]old   
[C]Down at the crossroads to [F]show me the way
[C]Is my [G7]mother each [C]day  

[F]When she looks back at the [C]life that I've lived
[D7]If I have faltered she [G7]always forgives
[C]I ask in silence of [F]One Most Sublime
[C]May all be blessed with [G7]a mother like [C]mine

My mother with love so good and true
Just like an angel was sent down from the blue
Could I but carry the burdens away
For my mother today

Through words of anger still she'll befriend
Instead of envy she'll give give again
When day is ended a soft voice you'll hear
Dear God forgive us is my mother's prayer

My mother as pure as precious gold
Fresh in my memory she'll never grow old
Down at the crossroads to show me the way
Is my mother each day

When she looks back at the life that I've lived
If I have faltered she always forgives
I ask in silence of One Most Sublime
May all be blessed with a mother like mine

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