My Foolish Heart

Höfundur lags: Ned Washington og Victor Young Flytjandi: Mel Tormé Sent inn af: kjartansverrisson

The n[A]ight is like a l[F#m]ovely tune --
Bew[D9]are my foolish h[E7]eart!
How [Am7]white the ever [F#m]constant moon --
Take c[D9]are, my foolish h[E7]eart!
T[D9]here's a l[A]ine between[C#m7-5] love and fasci[F#m]nation,[Gdim]    
That's hard to [D]see on an eve[Dm7]ning such as t[D6]his; [Fdim]    
For they [F#m]both hold the [C#7]very same se[F#m7]nsation.
[Fdim]When you're l[D9]ost in the [Bm7-5]magic of a k[E7]iss.   

[A]Her lips are much too c[F#m]lose to mine --
Bew[D9]are my foolish h[E7]eart!
And [Am7]should our eager [F#m]lips combine,
Then [D9]let the fire [A7/6]start.     
[Fdim]For      [F#m]this time it [C#7]isn't fasc[F#m7]ination, [Dm6]    
Or a d[A]ream that will [Am7]fade and[C#m7-5] fall a       [F#7]part.    
It's l[D]ove this [B7]time, it's l[D9]ove, my [Bm7-5]fool -       [E7]ish he[A]art! [Am7/6]    

The night is like a lovely tune --
Beware my foolish heart!
How white the ever constant moon --
Take care, my foolish heart!
There's a line between[C#m7-5] love and fascination,
That's hard to see on an evening such as this;
For they both hold the very same sensation.
When you're lost in the [Bm7-5]magic of a kiss.

Her lips are much too close to mine --
Beware my foolish heart!
And should our eager lips combine,
Then let the fire start.
For this time it isn't fascination,
Or a dream that will fade and[C#m7-5] fall apart.
It's love this time, it's love, my [Bm7-5]fool - ish heart!

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