My Daddy Is Only A Picture

Höfundur lags: Arnold Eddy Sent inn af: Anonymous
I [G]asked a little [D7]boy to call his [G]daddy
He [D7]said he couldn't and [G]sighed
And [B7]when I asked him [Em]what was wrong
[A7]here's what the little boy r[D7]eplied

My [D7]Daddy is only a [G]picture, in a [D]frame that hangs on the [G]wall[G7]    
Each [C]day I t[Cm]alk to my [G]daddy[Em], but [A7]he never talks at [D7]all   
I [D7]tell him all of my [G]secrets and [D7]all of my little [G]plans[G7]    
and [C]from the [Cm]way he [G]smiles at[Em] me, I [A7]know he [D7]unders[G]tands

The [D7]angels took Daddy to [G]heaven, when [D7]I was just goin' on [G]thre[G7]e   
But I[C]'ll bet [Cm]they never [G]told him[Em] - how [A7]blue and lonesome We'd [D7]be   
I [D7]try to cheer up my [G]mommie, when the [D7]tears roll down her [G]face[G7]    
My [C]daddy is [Cm]only a [G]picture[Em], but I'm [A7]tryin' to [D7]take his [G]place

I asked a little boy to call his daddy
He said he couldn't and sighed
And when I asked him what was wrong
here's what the little boy replied

My Daddy is only a picture, in a frame that hangs on the wall
Each day I talk to my daddy, but he never talks at all
I tell him all of my secrets and all of my little plans
and from the way he smiles at me, I know he understands

The angels took Daddy to heaven, when I was just goin' on three
But I'll bet they never told him - how blue and lonesome We'd be
I try to cheer up my mommie, when the tears roll down her face
My daddy is only a picture, but I'm tryin' to take his place

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