My Cold Cold Heart Is Melted Now

[G]My cold cold heart [G7]is melted [C]now  
I seek for [D7]peace but don't know [G]how  
I go to bed [G7]but only [C]weep
My cold cold [D7]heart won't let me [G]sleep

Your lonesome [C]voice that seems to [G]say  
Your cold cold [A7]heart will melt some [D7]day   
[G]My tears pour down [G7]like falling [C]rain
Through restless [D7]sleep I call your [G]name

Perhaps someday [G7]beyond the [C]blue
We'll meet sweet[D7]heart and live [G]anew
Where cold cold hearts [G7]can't enter [C]in  
We'll laugh and [D7]love sweetheart [G]again

My cold cold [C]heart is melted [G]now  
My once proud [A7]head now humbly [D7]bows   
[G]Your lonely face [G7]in dreams I [C]see  
My cold cold [D7]heart has told on [G]me  

My cold cold heart is melted now
I seek for peace but don't know how
I go to bed but only weep
My cold cold heart won't let me sleep

Your lonesome voice that seems to say
Your cold cold heart will melt some day
My tears pour down like falling rain
Through restless sleep I call your name

Perhaps someday beyond the blue
We'll meet sweetheart and live anew
Where cold cold hearts can't enter in
We'll laugh and love sweetheart again

My cold cold heart is melted now
My once proud head now humbly bows
Your lonely face in dreams I see
My cold cold heart has told on me

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