Like An Old Fashioned Waltz

Höfundur lags: Sandy Denny Höfundur texta: Sandy Denny Flytjandi: Emmylou Harris Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]Roses are [F]red  violets are [C]blue
Primroses [F]pale on a velvet green [C]hue  
Warm summer [Dm]days by cool water[Am]falls
Like music we [G7]hear   

Those t[F]hings we'll [C]always hold [G7]dear   
Like an [Am]old  [F]fashioned [C]waltz
When the moonlight shines[F] down
On the Hollywood [C]world

And the heroine [F]waits for her love to [C]return
And the violins [Dm]play from behind garden w[Am]alls   
Oh how I'd [G7]love to [F]remain with the [C]silver [Dm]refrain
Of an [Am]old  [F]fashioned [C]waltz

And they dance round the [F]floor and there's no one else [C]there
And the world is no [F]more and there's never a [C]care
By the perfect l[Dm]agoon as the nightingale [Am]calls
With only the [G7]moon  [F]and the [C]nostalgic [Dm]tune   
Of an [Am]old  [F]fashioned [C]waltz

Roses are red  violets are blue
Primroses pale on a velvet green hue
Warm summer days by cool waterfalls
Like music we hear

Those things we'll always hold dear
Like an old  fashioned waltz
When the moonlight shines down
On the Hollywood world

And the heroine waits for her love to return
And the violins play from behind garden walls
Oh how I'd love to remain with the silver refrain
Of an old  fashioned waltz

And they dance round the floor and there's no one else there
And the world is no more and there's never a care
By the perfect lagoon as the nightingale calls
With only the moon  and the nostalgic tune
Of an old  fashioned waltz

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