Lady Lay Down

Höfundur lags: Rafe VanHoy og Don Cook Flytjandi: John Conlee Sent inn af: Anonymous
[C]Too many times I [Em]didn't try to hold [F]you  
I [Dm]never kept the [C]promises I [G7]told you
Now it's [Am]time I give [A7]in I [Dm]know   
To the words that I [C]should have [F]said [C]long [F]a-  [C]go  

Lady lay [Em]down be[F]side me
[Dm]Wrap all [F]your love [G7]around me
I [Em]need you to [Am]stay [Em]don't turn a[F]way from me [C]now  
[G7]Lady lay [C]down

You've been alone I [Em]guess I've known about [F]it  
You [Dm]gave me love and [C]learned to live with[G7]out it
[Am]Now that you've [A7]turned to [Dm]go   
Let me beg you to [C]stay the [F]best [C]way [F]I   [C]know

Too many times I didn't try to hold you
I never kept the promises I told you
Now it's time I give in I know
To the words that I should have said long a-go

Lady lay down beside me
Wrap all your love around me
I need you to stay don't turn away from me now
Lady lay down

You've been alone I guess I've known about it
You gave me love and learned to live without it
Now that you've turned to go
Let me beg you to stay the best way I know

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