Jeannie And Johnny

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[C]Jeannie and [F]Johnny both [G7]grew up [C]together
Playmates each [F]hour of the [G7]day   
[C]They both vowed that [F]they would be [G7]sweethearts [C]forever
[F]Then one day [G7]Jeannie moved [C]away

Johnny was [F]lonely [C]loved Jeannie [G7]only   
[C]Jeannie was [F]sad and so [G7]blue   
[C]Their folks said [F]forget it but [G7]Jeannie and [C]Johnny
[F]Both knew that [G7]no other would [C]do  

They wrote to [F]each other and [G7]as they grew [C]older
Their love much [F]stronger had [G7]grown
[C]Then one day a [F]letter from [G7]Jeannie to [C]Johnny
[F]Came back to [G7]her address [C]unknown

Jeannie was [F]lonely [C]loved Johnny [G7]only   
[C]Her heart was [F]sad and so [G7]blue   
[C]Where Johnny had [F]gone to she [G7]knew not the [C]answer
[F]But she knew [G7]she'd wait and be [C]true

The next day poor [F]Jeannie just [G7]couldn't stop [C]crying
Though tears wouldn't [F]come any[G7]more   
[C]Her world seemed so [F]empty that [G7]she felt like [C]dying
[F]Then she heard a [G7]knock on her [C]door

And there stood her [F]Johnny her [C]true loving [G7]Johnny
[C]He'd come to [F]make wedding [G7]plans
[C]He said oh I [F]love you my [G7]Jeannie I love [C]you  
[F]Then he placed a [G7]ring on her [C]hand

He placed a [G7]ring on her [C]hand

Jeannie and Johnny both grew up together
Playmates each hour of the day
They both vowed that they would be sweethearts forever
Then one day Jeannie moved away

Johnny was lonely loved Jeannie only
Jeannie was sad and so blue
Their folks said forget it but Jeannie and Johnny
Both knew that no other would do

They wrote to each other and as they grew older
Their love much stronger had grown
Then one day a letter from Jeannie to Johnny
Came back to her address unknown

Jeannie was lonely loved Johnny only
Her heart was sad and so blue
Where Johnny had gone to she knew not the answer
But she knew she'd wait and be true

The next day poor Jeannie just couldn't stop crying
Though tears wouldn't come anymore
Her world seemed so empty that she felt like dying
Then she heard a knock on her door

And there stood her Johnny her true loving Johnny
He'd come to make wedding plans
He said oh I love you my Jeannie I love you
Then he placed a ring on her hand

He placed a ring on her hand

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