Its A Sin

Höfundur lags: Arnold Eddy Sent inn af: Anonymous
[Bb]    [F7]    [Bb]    [Bb]    
It's A [Bb]Sin My Darlin' How I [Eb]Love You
Because I [Bb]Know Our Love Can Never [F7]Be   
It's A [Bb]Sin To Keep This Memory [Eb]Of You
When Silence [Bb]Proves That [F7]You've Forgotten [Bb]Me   

The [Eb]Dream I Built For Us Has [Bb]Tumbled
[Cm7]Each Promise [Cm]Broken Like My [F7]Heart
It's A [Bb]Sin My Darlin' How I [Eb]Love You
So Much In [Bb]Love And [F7]Yet So Far A-[Bb]part   

[Eb]    [Eb]    [Bb]    [Bb]    [Cm7]    [Cm]    [F7]    [F7]    
[Bb]    [Bb]    [Eb]    [Eb]    [F7]    [Bb]    [Bb]    
It's A [Bb]Sin To Hide Behind This [Eb]Heartache
To Make Be-[Bb]lieve That I've Found Someone [F7]New   
It's A [Bb]Sin To Say That I Don't [Eb]Miss You
When People [Bb]Know I'm [F7]Still In Love With [Bb]You   

I'm [Eb]Sure You're Happy With [Bb]Another
Who [Cm7]Shares The [Cm]Love I Couldn't [F7]Win   
Why Pre-[Bb]tend That I Can't Live With-[Eb]out You
When Deep In-[Bb]side I [F7]Know That It's A [Bb]Sin   

It's A Sin My Darlin' How I Love You
Because I Know Our Love Can Never Be
It's A Sin To Keep This Memory Of You
When Silence Proves That You've Forgotten Me

The Dream I Built For Us Has Tumbled
Each Promise Broken Like My Heart
It's A Sin My Darlin' How I Love You
So Much In Love And Yet So Far A-part

It's A Sin To Hide Behind This Heartache
To Make Be-lieve That I've Found Someone New
It's A Sin To Say That I Don't Miss You
When People Know I'm Still In Love With You

I'm Sure You're Happy With Another
Who Shares The Love I Couldn't Win
Why Pre-tend That I Can't Live With-out You
When Deep In-side I Know That It's A Sin

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