Is There Anything I Can Do

Höfundur lags: Abe Mulkey og Bruce Delaney Flytjandi: Lefty Frizzell Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]Tears in your [G7]eyes [F]tug at my [G7]heart
[F]Little sad [G7]smiles make me [C]blue
I know you´ve been [G7]going [F]through quite a bad [G7]time   
Is there [F]any-[G7]thing I can [C]do  

Silver [G7]spoons and honeymoons seemed to [C]have slipped away
And [D7]pain seems here to [G7]stay   
But I [F]know someday the [C]pain will go away
If there´s any-[G7]thing I can [C]do  

Mas-cara [G7]runs [F]tell a true [G7]tale   
[F]The end of a [G7]love you once [C]knew
But any[G7]time my [F]offer still [G7]stands
Is there [F]any-[G7]thing I can [C]do  

Is there [F]any-[G7]thing I can [C]do  

Tears in your eyes tug at my heart
Little sad smiles make me blue
I know you´ve been going through quite a bad time
Is there any-thing I can do

Silver spoons and honeymoons seemed to have slipped away
And pain seems here to stay
But I know someday the pain will go away
If there´s any-thing I can do

Mas-cara runs tell a true tale
The end of a love you once knew
But anytime my offer still stands
Is there any-thing I can do

Is there any-thing I can do

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