Ill Stay Around

Höfundur lags: Hank Cochran og Willie Nelson Flytjandi: Willie Nelson Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]I'll stay [G7]around until it's [C]over
And [F]hope that [G7]it never [C]ends
And [F]maybe in [G7]time you'll [C]change your mind
And [D7]decide to love me [G7]again [C]    

I'll just [G7]simply refuse to [C]leave you
Call me [F]stubborn but [G7]I'll never give [C]in  
And [F]I'll just hang [G7]around till it's [C]over
And [D7]hope that [G7]it never [C]ends


I'll stay around until it's over
And hope that it never ends
And maybe in time you'll change your mind
And decide to love me again

I'll just simply refuse to leave you
Call me stubborn but I'll never give in
And I'll just hang around till it's over
And hope that it never ends


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