If Tomorrow Could Be Yesterday

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[G]If three could be [C]two [D7]if one wasn't [G]blue
If [C]tomorrow could [D7]be yester[G]day  
Then you'd still love me [C]too [D7]like I still love [G]you  
If [C]tomorrow could [D7]be yester[G]day  

But I [D7]don't have the powers to [E7]turn back the hours
To [A7]the time before he met [D7]you   
[G]And if minutes were [C]years I've [D7]cried an ocean of [G]tears
Cause [C]tomorrow can't [D7]be yester[G]day  

No [C]tomorrow can't [D7]be yester[G]day  

If three could be two if one wasn't blue
If tomorrow could be yesterday
Then you'd still love me too like I still love you
If tomorrow could be yesterday

But I don't have the powers to turn back the hours
To the time before he met you
And if minutes were years I've cried an ocean of tears
Cause tomorrow can't be yesterday

No tomorrow can't be yesterday

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