If I Had My Way

Höfundur lags: James Kendis og Lou Klein Höfundur texta: James Kendis og Lou Klein Flytjandi: The Mills Brothers Sent inn af: Anonymous
If [A]I had my [F#m]way, Dear, for[D9]ever there'd [E7]be   
A g[A]arden of [F#m]roses for [D9]you and for [E7]me;   
A t[A]housand and [C#7]one things, Dear, [D]I   [Cdim]would      [A]do  
[F#7]Just for [B7]you,   [Cdim] on -     [Fdim] ly y     [E7]ou.   

If [A]I had my [F#m]way, we would [D9]never grow o[E7]ld   
And [A]sunshine I'd [C#7]bring ev'ry d[D]ay; [F#m]    [Bm7]    
You would r[D]eign all al[B7]one    [Cdim]like      [Bm7-5] a      
Qu[A]een [G#7]on     [C#m7-5] a th       [F#7]rone,    
[Bm7-5] If       [F#7] I     [D9]had   [E7/6] my w     [A]ay.  

If I had my way, Dear, forever there'd be
A garden of roses for you and for me;
A thousand and one things, Dear, I would do
Just for you, on - ly you.

If I had my way, we would never grow old
And sunshine I'd bring ev'ry day;
You would reign all alone like [Bm7-5] a
Queen on [C#m7-5] a throne,
[Bm7-5] If I had my way.

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