I Won't Mention it Again

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[D7]I know you're [G]tired of being [F]all I [G7]ever [C]wanted
You no [Am]longer feel the [D7]love I have for [G]you  
[D7]What happens [G]now what will I [F]do with [G7]all the [C]mem'ries
And the [Am]dreams [D7]of all the [Am]things we'll [D7]never [G]do  

But I won't mention it [Am]again I won't [D7]think about to[G]morrow
Just let it [Am]happen live each [D7]hour day by [G]day  
But [G7]let me [C]tell you before you [D7]go how much I [G]love you
[E7]Then I won't mention it [Am]again [D7]I won't mention it [G]again

[D7]I feel my [G]life has reached an [F]early [G7]sign of [C]autumn
In my [Am]heart the leaves are [D7]falling love is [G]cold
[D7]And every[G]thing that once was [F]warm and [G7]new is [C]gone now
Leaving[Am] noth-[D7]ing but this[Am] hun-[D7]ger in my [G]soul

I know you're tired of being all I ever wanted
You no longer feel the love I have for you
What happens now what will I do with all the mem'ries
And the dreams of all the things we'll never do

But I won't mention it again I won't think about tomorrow
Just let it happen live each hour day by day
But let me tell you before you go how much I love you
Then I won't mention it again I won't mention it again

I feel my life has reached an early sign of autumn
In my heart the leaves are falling love is cold
And everything that once was warm and new is gone now
Leaving noth-ing but this hun-ger in my soul

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