I Was Telling Him About You

Höfundur lags: Bill Charlap og Don George Höfundur texta: Bill Charlap og Don George Flytjandi: Nancy Wilson Sent inn af: Anonymous
My [Dm7]arms were ar[E7]ound him[C#7], my eyes were ag[F#m]low,    
[D9]The moment was [E7-9]tender, the [C#m7-5]music was l[F#7]ow;    
[D9] But [Bm7-5]while we were [E7/6]danc - ing,[Fdim]    [Am7] I [C#7]think you sh[F#7]ould know
I was t[D9]elling him[Bm7-5] a - [Fdim]bout      [E7/6]you.     

He [Dm7]kept coming c[E7]loser, [C#7] the magic was th[F#m]ere;    
[D9] He wore an exp[E7-9]ression that[C#m7-5] made people s[F#7]tare.    
[D9] It l[Bm7-5]ooked so ro[E7/6]mantic,[Fdim] but D     [Am7]arling,[C#7] I s    [F#7]wear,    
I was [D9]telling him [Bm7-5] a      [Fdim]bout      [E7]you.   

[Cdim]When      [Dm7]you passed [G]by, and [Cm7]caught my [Am7]eye,    
[Dm7]You didn't[Fdim] say      [E7-9] a w     [Cm7]ord;    
[Em7]You turned a[B7]bout and[Emsus4] walked right [B+]out,   
And the [D9]silence was the l[Bm7-5]oudest I've [E7]ev - [D9]er he[E7]ard.   

Come [Dm7]back to me, D[E7]arling, I [C#7]must make you [F#m]see    
That t[D9]hings aren't a[E7-9]lways      [C#m7-5] what they seem to [F#7]be.    
[D9] The boy in my [Bm7-5]arms m      [Fdim]eant n     [Am7]othing[C#7] to     [F#7]me --    
I was [D9]telling[Bm7-5] him ab      [E7]out y[A]ou.  

My arms were around him, my eyes were aglow,
The moment was [E7-9]tender, the [C#m7-5]music was low;
But [Bm7-5]while we were danc - ing, I think you should know
I was telling him[Bm7-5] a - bout you.

He kept coming closer, the magic was there;
He wore an exp[E7-9]ression that[C#m7-5] made people stare.
It l[Bm7-5]ooked so romantic, but Darling, I swear,
I was telling him [Bm7-5] about you.

When you passed by, and caught my eye,
You didn't say [E7-9] a word;
You turned about and walked right out,
And the silence was the l[Bm7-5]oudest I've ev - er heard.

Come back to me, Darling, I must make you see
That things aren't a[E7-9]lways [C#m7-5] what they seem to be.
The boy in my [Bm7-5]arms meant nothing to me --
I was telling[Bm7-5] him about you.

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