I´ll Ride Back To Lonesome Valley

Höfundur lags: Hank Snow Flytjandi: Hank Snow Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]My troubling mind tonight is [F]drifting
[C]To a cottage far [G7]away   
[C]And as restless cattle [F]wander
[C]I can hear a [G7]sweet voice [C]say  

[F]You are leaving Jack your [C]darling
With a lonesome broken [G7]heart
[C]But I'll wait in Lonesome [F]Valley
[C]Though we [G7]may be far [C]apart

You´re are my queen of Lonesome [F]Valley
[C]By your side I know no [G7]care   
[C]Nights out on the lonesome [F]prairie
[C]You have been [G7]my guiding [C]star

[F]Soon my faithful paint I'll [C]saddle
And beneath the western [G7]sky   
[C]I'll ride back to Lonesome [F]Valley
[C]And you'll be [G7]my blushing [C]bride

[F]Yes so well do I [C]remember
[G7]Of the night we said [C]goodbye
[F]There were teardrops on your [C]cheeks dear
[D7]As I left your loving [G7]side   

[C]But when round up time is [F]over
[C]Whether skies are dark or [G7]fair   
[C]I'll ride back to Lonesome [F]Valley
[C]For I know I'll [G7]find you [C]there

My troubling mind tonight is drifting
To a cottage far away
And as restless cattle wander
I can hear a sweet voice say

You are leaving Jack your darling
With a lonesome broken heart
But I'll wait in Lonesome Valley
Though we may be far apart

You´re are my queen of Lonesome Valley
By your side I know no care
Nights out on the lonesome prairie
You have been my guiding star

Soon my faithful paint I'll saddle
And beneath the western sky
I'll ride back to Lonesome Valley
And you'll be my blushing bride

Yes so well do I remember
Of the night we said goodbye
There were teardrops on your cheeks dear
As I left your loving side

But when round up time is over
Whether skies are dark or fair
I'll ride back to Lonesome Valley
For I know I'll find you there

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