I Believe In You

Höfundur lags: Buddy Cannon og Gene Dunlap Flytjandi: Mel Tillis Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]I be[Dm]lieve in you
[G7]This is all I [Em]need to be
[A7]Bound to use the [Dm]same as free
[G7]The key is unders[C]tanding

I'll be[Dm]lieve in you
[G7]You saw me and [Em]let me know
[A7]To me reveal my [Dm]soul   
[G7]I believe in [C]you  

I gave up on [Dm]everything
I was [G7]taught was [C]real
Life was just a [Dm]way to die
Till you taught [G7]me to [C]feel

Now I be[Dm]lieve in me
[G7]You gave me a [Em]reason to
[A7]Took me in and [Dm]cared for me
[G7]You be[Em]lieved in m--[A7]e   
And [Dm]I believe [G7]in    [C]you  

I believe in you
This is all I need to be
Bound to use the same as free
The key is understanding

I'll believe in you
You saw me and let me know
To me reveal my soul
I believe in you

I gave up on everything
I was taught was real
Life was just a way to die
Till you taught me to feel

Now I believe in me
You gave me a reason to
Took me in and cared for me
You believed in m--e
And I believe in you

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