Here Comes Heaven

Höfundur lags: Bob Tubert og Joe Byers Flytjandi: Eddy Arnold Sent inn af: Anonymous

[G]Here comes heaven all [C]satin and [D7]lace   
[G]Love in her heart and a [C]smile on her [D7]face   
[G]She's the world to me [C]heaven is [D7]all my heart can [G]see  

Here comes heaven with [C]soft golden [D7]hair   
[G]Laughing blue eyes that [C]tell me she [D7]cares
[G]She's my night my day [C]heaven is [D7]just a kiss [G]away

[B7]I was so lonely [G]till she took my hand
[A7]She lifted my eyes and she made me unde[D7]rstand
[G]Here comes heaven [C]like spring soft and [D7]warm   

[G]I'd give my life to [C]keep her from [D7]harm   
[G]She makes my heart sing [C]here comes heaven [G]again
[C]Here comes [D7]heaven [G]again

Here comes heaven all satin and lace
Love in her heart and a smile on her face
She's the world to me heaven is all my heart can see

Here comes heaven with soft golden hair
Laughing blue eyes that tell me she cares
She's my night my day heaven is just a kiss away

I was so lonely till she took my hand
She lifted my eyes and she made me understand
Here comes heaven like spring soft and warm

I'd give my life to keep her from harm
She makes my heart sing here comes heaven again
Here comes heaven again

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