Have No Fear

Flytjandi: Bird York
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Have no [F]fe  [Am]ar in your [F]heart[Am]    
though you [F]fe  [Am]el you've been [F]broken and [Am]lost [Cm]    
there's a world where [Bb]we will meet up a[F]gain[Am]    
[Cm]there's a place that [Bb]mends your hurt and [Fm]takes you [F]in  

There are [F]ti  [Am]mes faced a[F]lone[Am]    
when you [F]fi  [Am]nd all the [F]holes in your[Am]self [Cm]    
you don't have to [Bb]walk the night on your [F]own  [Am]    
[Cm]I will send a [Bb]prayer with you to [Fm]lead you [F]on   [Am]    
[Cm]I will say a [Bb]prayer for you when [Fm]you have [F]gone[Am]    

Have no fear in your heart
though you feel you've been broken and lost
there's a world where we will meet up again
there's a place that mends your hurt and takes you in

There are times faced alone
when you find all the holes in yourself
you don't have to walk the night on your own
I will send a prayer with you to lead you on
I will say a prayer for you when you have gone

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