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[Am]Thinking of [F]all the cool cre[Am]atures
[F]That I will [Am]meet, t[F]onigh[Am]t [F]    
[Am]Ghosts and G[F]oblins and Witc[Am]hes   
[F]Roaming the [Am]streets, in [F]moonli[Am]ght [F]    
[Am]Bowls of ca[F]ndy and good[Am]ies   
[F]Delicious and [Am]waiting in s[F]tore[Am]    [F]    
[Am]Sounds of cu[F]te little fo[Am]otsteps
[F]As they approa[Am]ch my fr[F]ont do[G]or  

[C]Letting the ch[G]ilderen in[Am]side to drink[F] beers
[C]Razor blades h[G]idden in 3[Am] muskateer[F]s  
[C]Screams from th[G]e basement of[Am] kids
be[F]gging to be [C]set free [G]    
That's wh[Am]at the Halloween means to[F] me  

[Am]Tightening the c[F]lamps that are [Am]holding
[F]Their little h[Am]eads, s[F]o tigh[Am]t [F]    
[Am]Putting my [F]lips to their e[Am]ars   
[F]As I whisper[Am], please, [F]don't [Am]fight [F]    
[Am]I promise to[F] let you go [Am]home   
[F]If you swear not to [Am]tell, [F]a soul[Am]    [F]    
Well, [Am]I'll just[F] un-tie these, [Am]I'm kidding
[F]Where is my[Am] hacksaw,[F] let's rock n[G] roll

[C]A pinch of your[G] brother a [Am]teaspoon of y[F]ou  
[C]With the head of[G] Carson wo[Am]uld make a go[F]od stew
[C]I'd give you a ta[G]ste but
your to[Am]ngue's in the[F] stew, [C]irony? [G]    
That's wha[Am]t Halloween means to [F]me  

[Am]Trick or tr[F]eat, sme[C]ll my fee[G]t  
[Am]Give me som[F]ething g[C]ood to ea[G]t  
[Am]Trick or tr[F]eat, sme[C]ll my fee[G]t  
[Am]Give me som[F]one, good to eat

[Am]    [F]    [Am]    [F]    [Am]    [F]    [Am]    [F]    

Thinking of all the cool creatures
That I will meet, tonight
Ghosts and Goblins and Witches
Roaming the streets, in moonlight
Bowls of candy and goodies
Delicious and waiting in store
Sounds of cute little footsteps
As they approach my front door

Letting the childeren inside to drink beers
Razor blades hidden in 3 muskateers
Screams from the basement of kids
begging to be set free
That's what the Halloween means to me

Tightening the clamps that are holding
Their little heads, so tight
Putting my lips to their ears
As I whisper, please, don't fight
I promise to let you go home
If you swear not to tell, a soul
Well, I'll just un-tie these, I'm kidding
Where is my hacksaw, let's rock n roll

A pinch of your brother a teaspoon of you
With the head of Carson would make a good stew
I'd give you a taste but
your tongue's in the stew, irony?
That's what Halloween means to me

Trick or treat, smell my feet
Give me something good to eat
Trick or treat, smell my feet
Give me somone, good to eat

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