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[D]I was [Am7]born on a f[D]arm out in[Am7] I - o -[Cdim] way     
A f[G]lamin' y[Am7]outh, I was b[G]ound I would [Am7]fly a - [Cdim]way     
I p[D]acked my [Am7]grip and I g[D]rabbed my[Cdim] sax -[Am7] o - ph[G]one. [E7]    [Am7]    [Cdim]    

C[D]an't read a [Am7]note, but I pl[D]ay an y - [Am7]thing by[Cdim] ear     
I m[G]ade up t[Am7]unes on the s[G]ounds that I [Am7]used to [Cdim]hear     
When [E7]I'd start to play, f[A7]olks [Em7]used to s[A]ay,  
"S[D7]ounds a [Am7]lit - tle [D7/9]'Goof - us'[Cdim] to m     [G]e."  

[G]Corn - fed c[Am7]hords ap - p[D]eal  [Am7] to     [G]me --
[F#]I like [G#m7]rus - tic [C#]har -[G#m7] mo -      [F#]ny.   
[F]Hold a n[Gm7]ote and ch[C]ange [Gm7]the k    [F]ey --
[E7]Hey, that's "G[A7]oof - us"
[G]Not ac - [Am7]cor - ding [D]to   [Am7]the ru[G]les  
[F#]That yo[G#m7]u learn in[C#] mu -[G#m7] sic s     [F#]chools,
[F]But the [Gm7]folks just d[C]ance [Gm7]like f[F]ools --
T[E]hey sure [B7]go for "G[A7]oof - us."

[D]Got a [Am7]job, but I ju[D]st could - n't [Am7]keep it [Cdim]long     
The l[G]ead - er s[Am7]aid that I pl[G]ayed all the[Am7] mu - sic [Cdim]wrong     
So [D]I stepped[Am7] out with an o[D]ut - fit[Cdim] of      [Am7]my o    [G]wn. [E7]    [Am7]    [Cdim]    

G[D]ot to - g[Am7]eth - er a n[D]ew kind of[Am7] or - ches - [Cdim]tree,     
And [G]we all p[Am7]layed just the s[G]ame "Goof - us" [Am7]har - mo -[Cdim] ny,     
And [E7]I must ad - mit [A7]we    [Em7]made a h[A]it --
"G[D]oof - us" [Am7]has been l[D]uck - y[Cdim] for      [G]me  
"G[D]oof - us" [Am7]has been l[D]uck - y[Cdim] for      [G]me  
"G[D]oof - us" [Am7]has been l[D]uck - y [Am7]    [Fdim]    [D7]    [D+]    [Cdim]for      [G]me  

I was born on a farm out in I - o - way
A flamin' youth, I was bound I would fly a - way
I packed my grip and I grabbed my sax - o - phone.

Can't read a note, but I play an y - thing by ear
I made up tunes on the sounds that I used to hear
When I'd start to play, folks used to say,
"Sounds a lit - tle 'Goof - us' to me."

Corn - fed chords ap - peal to me --
I like rus - tic har - mo - ny.
Hold a note and change the key --
Hey, that's "Goof - us"
Not ac - cor - ding to the rules
That you learn in mu - sic schools,
But the folks just dance like fools --
They sure go for "Goof - us."

Got a job, but I just could - n't keep it long
The lead - er said that I played all the mu - sic wrong
So I stepped out with an out - fit of my own.

Got to - geth - er a new kind of or - ches - tree,
And we all played just the same "Goof - us" har - mo - ny,
And I must ad - mit we made a hit --
"Goof - us" has been luck - y for me
"Goof - us" has been luck - y for me
"Goof - us" has been luck - y for me

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