Gimme Hope Joanna

Höfundur lags: Eddy Grant Höfundur texta: Eddy Grant Flytjandi: Eddy Grant Sent inn af: Glamrari
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[A]Well Jo'anna she runs a [D]country
She runs in Dur[A]ban and the Trans[E]vaal
She makes a [A]few of her people [D]happy, oh
She don't [A]care about the [E]rest at all
She's got a [A]system they call apa[D]rtheid
It keeps a [A]brother in a subje[E]ction
But maybe pres[A]sure can make Jo'anna [D]see  
How eve[A]rybody could a [E]live as o[A]ne  

[A]Gimme hope, Jo'anna
[D]Hope, Jo'anna
Gimme [A]hope, Jo'anna
'Fore the mo[E]rning come
Gimme h[A]ope, Jo'anna
[D]Hope, Jo'anna
[A]Hope before the mor[E]ning [A]come

Well Jo'anna she runs a country
She runs in Durban and the Transvaal
She makes a few of her people happy, oh
She don't care about the rest at all
She's got a system they call apartheid
It keeps a brother in a subjection
But maybe pressure can make Jo'anna see
How everybody could a live as one

Gimme hope, Jo'anna
Hope, Jo'anna
Gimme hope, Jo'anna
'Fore the morning come
Gimme hope, Jo'anna
Hope, Jo'anna
Hope before the morning come

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