Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands

Höfundur lags: Elliott Smith Sent inn af: Anonymous
[Em]Everybody cares, e[Em6]verybo[C/E]dy understan[G]ds [D/F#]    
Yes eve[F]rybo[C]dy ca[B7-b7sus4-b7]res about you             
Yeah, and whe[F]ther or no[C]t you wa[B7-b7sus4-b7]nt them to             
It's a [Em]chemical emb[Em6]race that ki[C/E]cks you in the [G]head [D/F#]    
To a pur[F]e syntheti[C]c sympat[B7-b7sus4-b7]hy             
that inf[F]uriates[C] you total[B7-b7sus4-b7]ly             
And a quie[F]t lie[C] that [B7]makes you wan[B7/A]t to scream[B7/G] and shou[B7/F#]t      

So he[G]re I lay dreaming, l[F]ooking at [C]the brilliant[Em] sun [Riff]    [A]    
Raini[G]ng its guiding [F]light [C]upon everyone [Em]    [Riff]    [B]    
For a mo[Em]ment's rest you can[Em6] lean ag[C/E]ainst the banister [G]    [D/F#]    
After run[F]ning upstairs[C] again an[B7-b7sus4-b7]d again             
From wherever th[F]ey came to f[C]ix you in, bu[B7-b7sus4-b7]t             

tabstave notes (0/6.2/4.2/5) 0/6 2/6 2/6 3/6 3/6 0/5 2/5 2/5 3/5 2/5 2/4 4/4 2/4 2/4 0/3

tabstave notes 10/5 7/4 9/4 7/3 9/4 7/4 10/5 7/4 7/6 7/6 8/6 7/6 7/5 9/5 7/5 7/5 0/3

[Em]Always fair city's [Em6]finest[C/E] follow right[G] behind[D/F#]    
You've got a pre[F]tty vis[C]ion in[B7-b7sus4-b7] your head             
A pe[F]ncil full[C] of poison[B7-b7sus4-b7] lead             
And a sic[F]kened smile[C] illeg[B7]al in ever[B7/A]y town [B7/G]    [B7/F#]    

So he[G]re I lay dreaming, l[F]ooking[C] at the brillian[Em]t sun[Riff]    [A]    
R[G]aining its guiding [F]light u[C]pon everyone[Em]    [Riff]    [B]    
Here[G] I lay dreaming, lo[F]oking [C]at the brilliant [Em]sun [Riff]    [A]    
Rain[G]ing its guiding [F]light [C]upon everyone [Em]    [Riff]    [B]    

[C]You say you mean well, you don't know what yo[G]u mean
[Cm]Fucking oughta stay the hell awa[D7]y from things you know nothing about [Em]    

Everybody cares, everybody understands
Yes everybody ca[B7-B7sus4-B7]res about you
Yeah, and whether or not you wa[B7-B7sus4-B7]nt them to
It's a chemical embrace that kicks you in the head
To a pure synthetic sympat[B7-B7sus4-B7]hy
that infuriates you total[B7-B7sus4-B7]ly
And a quiet lie that makes you want to scream and shout

So here I lay dreaming, looking at the brilliant sun
Raining its guiding light upon everyone
For a moment's rest you can lean against the banister
After running upstairs again an[B7-B7sus4-B7]d again
From wherever they came to fix you in, bu[B7-B7sus4-B7]t



Always fair city's finest follow right behind
You've got a pretty vision in[B7-B7sus4-B7] your head
A pencil full of poison[B7-B7sus4-B7] lead
And a sickened smile illegal in every town

So here I lay dreaming, looking at the brilliant sun
Raining its guiding light upon everyone
Here I lay dreaming, looking at the brilliant sun
Raining its guiding light upon everyone

You say you mean well, you don't know what you mean
Fucking oughta stay the hell away from things you know nothing about

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