Every Fool Has A Rainbow

Höfundur lags: Merle Haggard Flytjandi: Merle Haggard Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]Every fool has [F]rainbow
[G7]But he never seems to [C]find
The [F]reward that should be [C]waiting
At the [D7]end of the [G7]line   

He'll [C]give up a bed of [F]roses
For a [G7]hammock filled with [C]thorns
And go [F]chasing after [C]rainbows
Every [F]time a [G7]dream is [C]born

And every fool has a [F]rainbow
[G7]That only he can [C]see  
Every [F]fool has a [C]rainbow
And the [F]rule [G7]applies to [C]me  

Every fool has rainbow
But he never seems to find
The reward that should be waiting
At the end of the line

He'll give up a bed of roses
For a hammock filled with thorns
And go chasing after rainbows
Every time a dream is born

And every fool has a rainbow
That only he can see
Every fool has a rainbow
And the rule applies to me

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