Down In The Willow Garden

Höfundur lags: Charlie Monroe Flytjandi: The Everly Brothers Sent inn af: Anonymous
[G]Down in the [C]willow [G]gar  [Em]den where [G]me and my love did [Em]meet   
[G]There we [C]sat a-[G]court[Em]ing my [G]love fell [D7]off to [G]sleep
I [Em]had a bottle of [G]burgundy [Em]wine my [G]love she did not [Em]know   
[G]So I [C]poisoned that [G]dear little [Em]girl [G]on the [D7]banks [G]below

I drew a [C]saber [G]through [Em]her it [G]was a bloody [Em]knife
I [G]threw her [C]in the [G]ri-  [Em]ver which [G]was a [D7]dreadful [G]sight
My [Em]father often had [G]told [Em]me that [G]money would set me [Em]free   
If [G]I would [C]murder that [G]dear little [Em]girl whose [G]name was [D7]Rose Conne[G]lly  

My father [C]sits at his [G]cabin [Em]door [G]wiping his tear dimmed [Em]eyes   
[G]For his only [C]son [G]soon shall [Em]walk to [G]yonder [D7]scaffold [G]high
My [Em]race is run be[G]neath the [Em]sun the sca[G]ffold now waits for [Em]me   
For [G]I did [C]murder that [G]dear little [Em]girl whose [G]name was [D7]Rose Conne[Em]lly   

Down in the willow garden where me and my love did meet
There we sat a-courting my love fell off to sleep
I had a bottle of burgundy wine my love she did not know
So I poisoned that dear little girl on the banks below

I drew a saber through her it was a bloody knife
I threw her in the ri-ver which was a dreadful sight
My father often had told me that money would set me free
If I would murder that dear little girl whose name was Rose Connelly

My father sits at his cabin door wiping his tear dimmed eyes
For his only son soon shall walk to yonder scaffold high
My race is run beneath the sun the scaffold now waits for me
For I did murder that dear little girl whose name was Rose Connelly

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