Don't Rob Another Man's Castle

Höfundur lags: Jenny Lou Carson Flytjandi: Eddy Arnold Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]They say a man's [G7]home is his [C]castle [C7]    
And [F]he's like a king on [F]a   [C]throne [C7]    
It [F]may be a shack down [C]along side the [Am]track
But [D7]everything in it's his [G7]own   

So [C]don't think of [G7]taking his [C]loved one [C7]    
[F]It's written [E7]thou shalt not [F]steal
Don't rob an other [F]mans [C]cast[Am]le    [C]    
No [F]matter how [G7]lonesome you [C]feel

[C]Don't rob an[G7]other man's [C]castle [C7]    
[F]Don't take his treasures [F]a-  [C]way [C7]    
[F]Strange as it seems when you [C]steal a man's [Am]dreams
You [D7]never know how much you'll [G7]pay   

[C]Don't rob a [G7]man of his [C]loved one [C7]    
[F]You'll break his [E7]heart don't you [F]see  
I robbed another [F]man's [C]cast[Am]le    [C]    
Now [F]someone just [G7]took her from [C]me  

They say a man's home is his castle
And he's like a king on a throne
It may be a shack down along side the track
But everything in it's his own

So don't think of taking his loved one
It's written thou shalt not steal
Don't rob an other mans castle
No matter how lonesome you feel

Don't rob another man's castle
Don't take his treasures a-way
Strange as it seems when you steal a man's dreams
You never know how much you'll pay

Don't rob a man of his loved one
You'll break his heart don't you see
I robbed another man's castle
Now someone just took her from me

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