Do You Love As Good As You Look

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[G]Long blonde [C]hair sky blue [G]eyes
Yeah that [Am]well bred look is [D7]easy to recog[G]nize
A tailored [C]dress a fit so [G]fine
And it adds [D7]up to the [C]question on my [G]mind

Honey do you love [C]as good as you [G]look
Can you satisfy your[Em] man [G]like your [C]body says you [D7]can   
[G]Judging from the cov[C]er I'd [G]love to read the book
[C]Honey do you [G]lo-v-[C]e as [D7]good as you [G]look

If you could read my [C]mind you might blush blood [G]red  
But then a[D7]gain you might come [C]over here in[G]stead
I see they brought your [C]check and soon you're bound to [G]go  
If I don't make [D7]my move right now [C]I may never [G]know

Long blonde hair sky blue eyes
Yeah that well bred look is easy to recognize
A tailored dress a fit so fine
And it adds up to the question on my mind

Honey do you love as good as you look
Can you satisfy your man like your body says you can
Judging from the cover I'd love to read the book
Honey do you lo-v-e as good as you look

If you could read my mind you might blush blood red
But then again you might come over here instead
I see they brought your check and soon you're bound to go
If I don't make my move right now I may never know

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