Höfundur lags: Marty Sampson Sent inn af: Anonymous
[Dm]    [C]    [G]    [Am]    [Dm/F]    [C/E]    [E]    [Am]    
[Dm]    [C]    [G]    [Am]    [Dm/F]    [C/E]    [E]    [Am]    
[Dm]Light of m[C]en, [G]love of G[Am]od   
[Dm/F]Healing f[C/E]or the [E]wounded hea[Am]rt   
[Dm]Like a c[C]hild I [G]quiet my so[Am]ul   
[Dm/F]Hear Your v[C/E]oice surr[E]ound[Am] me Lo[Dm]rd    [C/E]    [F]    [Dm]    [C/E]    [Gsus]    
[C]Jes  [G]us hold me [Am]into Your h[F]eart, i[C]nto your h[G]eart
[C]Lord my [G/B]soul deligh[Am]ts and I k[G]now You hear my [F]prayer
Take me d[Am]eeper[G] Lord

[Dm]    [C]    [G]    [Am]    [Dm/F]    [C/E]    [E]    [Am]    
[Dm]Glorious S[C]on to [G]You I shall b[Am]ow   
[Dm/F]Bow my k[C/E]nee     [E]bow my wi[Am]ll   
[Dm]Cherished b[C]y the [G]strong and the we[Am]ak   
[Dm/F]Humble h[C/E]earts shall [E]hear[Am] You s[Dm]peak   [C/E]    [F]    [Dm]    [C/E]    [Gsus]    

[F]    [C]    [G]    [C]    [F]    [C]    [Gsus]    
[F]And by Your lo[C]ve, Lord, You [G]opened by h[C]eart
Now Your [F]light will s[C]hine al[Gsus]ways     
[F]By Your wo[C]rd, Lord, Your [G]promise sec[C]ure  
And my [F]soul will li[C]ve al[Gsus]ways     

[F]Take me [Am]deeper,[G] L  [F]ord  
Take me [Am]deeper,[G] L  [F]ord  [C]    [G]    [C]    [F]    [C]    [Gsus]    
[F]    [C]    [G]    [C]    [F]    [C]    [Gsus]    

Light of men, love of God
Healing for the wounded heart
Like a child I quiet my soul
Hear Your voice surround me Lord
Jesus hold me into Your heart, into your heart
Lord my soul delights and I know You hear my prayer
Take me deeper Lord

Glorious Son to You I shall bow
Bow my knee bow my will
Cherished by the strong and the weak
Humble hearts shall hear You speak

And by Your love, Lord, You opened by heart
Now Your light will shine always
By Your word, Lord, Your promise secure
And my soul will live always

Take me deeper, Lord
Take me deeper, Lord

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