Dear Penis

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[D]Dear Penis, [G]I don't think
I [A]like you an[D]ymore,
[G]You used to watch me [A]shave,
now all you [D]do is stare at the floor,
[D]Ohh Dear [G]Penis,
I don't I [A]like you any[D]more.

[G]It used to be y[A]ou and me,
a paper t[D]owel and dirty magazine,
[G]That?s all we n[A]eeded to get b[D]y.  
[G]How it?s seems [A]things have changed
and I t[D]hink that you're the one to blame,
[D]Dear [G]Penis, I don't l[A]ike you any[D]more.

He sings:
[D]Dear Rodney, [G]I don't think
I [A]like you any[D]more,
[G]'Cause when you get to d[A]rinkin',
you put me p[D]laces I've never been before,
[D]Ohh Dear [G]Rodney,
I don't [A]like you any[D]more.

[G]Why can't we get a g[A]rip  
on our m[D]an-to-hand relationship,
[G]Come to terms with [A]how we really f[D]eel?
[G]If we put our h[A]eads together,
we[D]'d just stay home forever.
[D]Dear [G]Penis, I think I l[A]ike you after al[D]l.  
[D]Ohh And [G]Rodney,
While you?re s[A]havin', shave my b[D]alls.

Dear Penis, I don't think
I like you anymore,
You used to watch me shave,
now all you do is stare at the floor,
Ohh Dear Penis,
I don't I like you anymore.

It used to be you and me,
a paper towel and dirty magazine,
That?s all we needed to get by.
How it?s seems things have changed
and I think that you're the one to blame,
Dear Penis, I don't like you anymore.

He sings:
Dear Rodney, I don't think
I like you anymore,
'Cause when you get to drinkin',
you put me places I've never been before,
Ohh Dear Rodney,
I don't like you anymore.

Why can't we get a grip
on our man-to-hand relationship,
Come to terms with how we really feel?
If we put our heads together,
we'd just stay home forever.
Dear Penis, I think I like you after all.
Ohh And Rodney,
While you?re shavin', shave my balls.

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