Darling You Know I Wouldn't Lie

Höfundur lags: Red Lane og Wayne Kemp Flytjandi: Cal Smith Sent inn af: Anonymous

[C]Here I am late [C7]again for the [F]last time
And like I [C]promised I just told her goo[G7]dbye   
Please be[C]lieve me for this time [C7]it's really [F]over
And [C]darling you [G7]know I wouldn't [C]lie  

Didn't I come and [C7]tell you a[F]bout her
How [C]temptation lured she and [G7]I   
Now I [C]know it was [C7]only fasci[F]nation
And [C]darling you [G7]know I wouldn't [C]lie  

I had to [G7]let her down easy as [C]slow as I could
after [G7]all she's got feelings [C]too  
But it [G7]took a little longer than [C]I thought it would
But this [D7]time she knows we're really [G7]through

She [C]wanted to [C7]hold me for[F]ever
And this [C]lipstick shows her [D7]final [G7]try   
And these [C]tears on my [C7]shoulders are p[F]roof that she failed
And [C]darling you [G7]know I wouldn't [C]lie  
[G7]And    [C]darling you [G7]know I wouldn't [C]lie  

Here I am late again for the last time
And like I promised I just told her goodbye
Please believe me for this time it's really over
And darling you know I wouldn't lie

Didn't I come and tell you about her
How temptation lured she and I
Now I know it was only fascination
And darling you know I wouldn't lie

I had to let her down easy as slow as I could
after all she's got feelings too
But it took a little longer than I thought it would
But this time she knows we're really through

She wanted to hold me forever
And this lipstick shows her final try
And these tears on my shoulders are proof that she failed
And darling you know I wouldn't lie
And darling you know I wouldn't lie

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