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[C]So I'm down and [G]so I'm out...but s[F]o are m[Dm7]any o    [G]thers; [G+]    
[C]So I feel like t[G]ryin' to hide my h[F]ead be[Dm7]neath these cov[G]ers, [G7]    
[F]Life is like the s[Em]easons - after w[F]inter c[Dm7b5]omes the s[G]pring.
[C]So I'll keep this sm[G]ile awhile, and s[F]ee what tom[G]orrow b[C]rings

[C]I've been told and [G]I believe that l[F]ife is m[Dm7]eant for l[G]ivin'; [G+]    
And e[C]ven when my c[G]hips are low, there's st[F]ill some [Dm7]left for g[G]ivin'. [G7]    
[F]I've been many pl[Em]aces, maybe n[F]ot as[Dm7b5] far as y[G]ou;  
[C]So I think I'll s[G]tay awhile and se[F]e if some d[G]reams come [C]true.

There i[F]sn't [Bm7b5]much that [E7]I have le[A7]arned
Through [Dm7]all my f[G7]oolish ye[C]ars  
[F]Life keeps r[Em]unnin' on in cy[A7]cles -
Fir[F]st there's l[Em]aughter, [Dm7b5]then those t[G]ears.

[C]But I'll keep my h[G]ead up high, alt[F]hough I'm [Dm7]kinda t[G]ired; [G+]    
My g[C]al just up and lef[G]t last week; F[F]riday,[Dm7] I got f[G]ired. [G7]    
[F]You know it's almost [Em]funny, but th[F]ings can't get [Dm7b5]worse than [G]now,
[C]So I'll keep on t[G]ryin' to sing...but [F]please, just don't a[G]sk me h[C]ow.  

So I'm down and so I'm out...but so are many others;
So I feel like tryin' to hide my head beneath these covers,
Life is like the seasons - after winter comes the spring.
So I'll keep this smile awhile, and see what tomorrow brings

I've been told and I believe that life is meant for livin';
And even when my chips are low, there's still some left for givin'.
I've been many places, maybe not as far as you;
So I think I'll stay awhile and see if some dreams come true.

There isn't much that I have learned
Through all my foolish years
Life keeps runnin' on in cycles -
First there's laughter, then those tears.

But I'll keep my head up high, although I'm kinda tired;
My gal just up and left last week; Friday, I got fired.
You know it's almost funny, but things can't get worse than now,
So I'll keep on tryin' to sing...but please, just don't ask me how.

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