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[C]Country is [F]sitting on the [C]back porch
[F]Listen to the [C]whippoorwills late in the [G7]day   
Country [C]is [F]minding your [C]business
[F]Helping a [C]stranger [G7]if he comes your [C]way [C7]    

Country [F]is living in the [C]city
[F]Knowing your [C]people knowing your [G7]kind   
Country [C]is [F]what you [C]make it
[F]Country [C]is [G7]all in your [C]mind

Country is [F]working for a [C]living
[F]Thinking your own [C]thoughts loving your [G7]town   
Country [C]is [F]teaching your [C]children
[F]Find out [C]what's right [G7]and stand your [C]ground[C7]    

Country [F]is a having the [C]good times
[F]Listen to the [C]music singing your [G7]part   
Country [C]is [F]walking in the [C]moonlight
[F]Country [C]is [G7]all in your [C]heart

Country is sitting on the back porch
Listen to the whippoorwills late in the day
Country is minding your business
Helping a stranger if he comes your way

Country is living in the city
Knowing your people knowing your kind
Country is what you make it
Country is all in your mind

Country is working for a living
Thinking your own thoughts loving your town
Country is teaching your children
Find out what's right and stand your ground

Country is a having the good times
Listen to the music singing your part
Country is walking in the moonlight
Country is all in your heart

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