Capo on 2.fret

[Am]    [C]    [Am]    [G]    
[Am]    [C]    [Am]    [G]    
All the r[Am]ain came down on a c[G]old new town
As he ca[F]rried you a[C]way  
From your fa[Am]thers hand that se[G]emed like a fist
Reaching o[F]ut to make you p[C]ay  

[Am]    [C]    [Am]    [C]    [Am]    [C]    [Am]    [C]    
He ca[Am]me like a hero from the fa[G]ctory floor
With the s[F]un and moon as gi[C]fts  
But the o[Am]nly son he ever s[G]aw  
Were the t[F]wo he left you w[C]ith  

[C]Oh L[G]ord where d[C]id the fee[G]ling g[F]o  
[C]Oh Lo[G]rd I ne[C]ver fe[G]lt so l[F]ow  

[Am]    [Am]    [G]    [G]    [Am]    [F]    [G]    [F]    [Em]    

[Am]    [C]    [Am]    [C]    [Am]    [C]    [Am]    [C]    
Now the sk[Am]irts hang so heavy r[G]ound your head
That you n[F]ever knew you were [C]young
Because you pl[Am]ayed chance with a lif[G]etime's romance
And the p[F]rice was far too l[C]ong  

[C]    [C]    [G]    [G]    [Am]    [F]    [Am]    [Am]    [G]    
[C]    [C]    [G]    [G]    [Am]    [F]    [Am]    [Am]    [G]    

[Am]    [G]    [F]    [C]    

Capo on 2.fret

All the rain came down on a cold new town
As he carried you away
From your fathers hand that seemed like a fist
Reaching out to make you pay

He came like a hero from the factory floor
With the sun and moon as gifts
But the only son he ever saw
Were the two he left you with

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Now the skirts hang so heavy round your head
That you never knew you were young
Because you played chance with a lifetime's romance
And the price was far too long

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