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[F]And as [G]we talked I was speech[F]less
[G]for my heart pounded
[F]And as [G]we walked a little [F]while
[G]I knew that I'd been fo[F]und  
[F]and here [G]I am no more dis[F]guise,
[G]no longer blinded[F]    
I see [G]it clear, I am you[F]rs, I am y[G]ours
And [G]Yo  [Am]u    [C] a  [F]re breath[G] takin[Am]g and breath g[C]iving[F]    

[F]I rise a[G]bove all the fl[F]attery and fr[G]owns
[F]I put m[G]y head up to your [F]chest
[G]and listen for soun[F]d  
[F]You make [G]me brave every ti[F]me I see yo[G]u smile
[F]I see i[G]t clear, I am y[F]ours, I am y[G]ours

[F]Doesn't my heart b[C]urn wi[G]thin me

And as we talked I was speechless
for my heart pounded
And as we walked a little while
I knew that I'd been found
and here I am no more disguise,
no longer blinded
I see it clear, I am yours, I am yours
And You are breath taking and breath giving

I rise above all the flattery and frowns
I put my head up to your chest
and listen for sound
You make me brave every time I see you smile
I see it clear, I am yours, I am yours

Doesn't my heart burn within me

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