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Theres a p[E]ort  
on a [A]wes  [B]tern[C#m7] bay     
and it [F3m7]serves     
[A]a hundred s[D]hips a [A]day  
lonely s[E]ailors
pass the t[A]im  [B]e   [C#m7]a way     
and[F3m7] talk ab[A]out their h[E]omes

Theres a g[E]irl  
in th[A]is   [B]harb[C#m7]or town
and she[F3m7] works     
[A]laying whis[D]key dow[A]n,  
they say[E] Brandy,
fetch anot[A]he  [B]r   [C#m7]round     
she[F3m7] serves [A]them whisky[E] and wine

the sailors say -
[C#m7]Brandy, your a [Amaj7]fine girl
what a [C#m7]good wife you would [Amaj7]be      
your ey[E]es could steal a [B7]sailor
from the [A]sea  [E]    

Brandy [E]    
wears[A] a  [B] br  [C#m7]aided chain
made of[F3m7] finest silver
[A]from the no[D]rth of [A]spain
a locket[E],  
that bears[A] t  [B]he  [C#m7] name     
of [F3m7]the man [A]that Brandy[E] loves

He came, [E]    
on a [A]sum  [B]mers[C#m7] day     
bearing[F3m7] gifts     
[A]from far aw[D]ay, [A]    
but he m[E]ade it clear
he couldnt[A] s  [B]ta  [C#m7]y     
the[F3m7] harbor [A]was his hom[E]e  

Brandy used to watch his
eyes as he to[Amaj7]ld his sailor stor[B7]ies   
she could f[C#m]eel the ocean rise and fall
she s[Amaj7]aw its raging gl[B7]ory   
but h[Amaj7]e had always [D]told the truth
lord he w[C#m]as an honest man
and b[E]randy does her [B]best to under[A]st  [E]an  [A]d  

Theres a port
on a western bay
and it serves
a hundred ships a day
lonely sailors
pass the time a way
and talk about their homes

Theres a girl
in this harbor town
and she works
laying whiskey down,
they say Brandy,
fetch another round
she serves them whisky and wine

the sailors say -
Brandy, your a fine girl
what a good wife you would be
your eyes could steal a sailor
from the sea

wears a braided chain
made of finest silver
from the north of spain
a locket,
that bears the name
of the man that Brandy loves

He came,
on a summers day
bearing gifts
from far away,
but he made it clear
he couldnt stay
the harbor was his home

Brandy used to watch his
eyes as he told his sailor stories
she could feel the ocean rise and fall
she saw its raging glory
but he had always told the truth
lord he was an honest man
and brandy does her best to understand

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