Bottle Up And Explode!

Höfundur lags: Elliott Smith Sent inn af: Anonymous
[B]    [Cdim]    [C#m]    [B/D#]    [E]    [Bbdim]    [A]    [E]    [F#]    [Ab]    
[C#m]Bottle up and expl[A]ode over and [E]over
Keep the t[Ab]roublemaker bel[A]ow  
Put it aw[F#]ay and [A]check out for the [Esus4]day      
[C#m]And in for a r[A]ound of overexp[E]osure
The t[Ab]hing mother nature prov[A]ides to get up and [F#]go   
[B]Bottle up and [B/C]explode seeing s[C#m]tars [Abm]    
[E]Surrounding y[A]ou  
Red w[E]hite and b[F#]lue [Ab]    

[C#m]You look at him l[A]ike you've never kn[E]own him
But I k[Ab]now for a fact that you h[A]ave  
The last time you cr[F#]ied   
[A]Who'd you think was ins[Esus4]ide?      
[C#m]Thinking that y[A]ou were about to come [E]over
But i'm t[Ab]ired now waiting for y[A]ou  
You never s[F#]how   
[B]Bottle up and [B/C]go if you're gonna [C#m]hide [Abm]    
[E]It's up to y[A]ou  
I'm c[E]oming thr[F#]ough [Ab]    

[B]Bottle up and [B/C]go i can make it o[C#m]utside [Abm]    
[E]I'll get thr[A]ough
bec[E]oming y[F#]ou [Ab]    
[A] Bec[E]oming y[F#]ou [Ab]    
[A] Bec[E]oming y[F#]ou   

Bottle up and explode over and over
Keep the troublemaker below
Put it away and check out for the day
And in for a round of overexposure
The thing mother nature provides to get up and go
Bottle up and explode seeing stars
Surrounding you
Red white and blue

You look at him like you've never known him
But I know for a fact that you have
The last time you cried
Who'd you think was inside?
Thinking that you were about to come over
But i'm tired now waiting for you
You never show
Bottle up and go if you're gonna hide
It's up to you
I'm coming through

Bottle up and go i can make it outside
I'll get through
becoming you
Becoming you
Becoming you

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