Because You Believed In Me

Höfundur lags: Arthur Leo Owens , Dallas Frazier , Gene Vowell og Shorty Hall Flytjandi: Gene Watson Sent inn af: Anonymous

[G]It seemed like [D7]forever [G]before I could gather
This [C]bouquet of words just for [G]you  
To [D7]tell you how thankful I [G]am for your [C]love
And [A7]for all the dreams that came [D7]true   

[G]When I was [D7]falling you [G]stood by me darling
Your [C]love lifted me to my [G]feet
The [D7]world became smaller and [G]I became [C]taller
[G]Because you [D7]believed in [G]me  

I [C]stepped over [D7]mountains that [G]no man had [C]climbed
[G]Wide rivers were easy to [D7]cross
I [C]found every[D7]thing right [G]here in your [C]arms
[A7]Everything I thought I had [D7]lost   

[G]Your love is the [D7]key that [G]unlocked the door
That [C]led me to impossible [G]dreams
It was [D7]easy to capture the [G]dreams I ran [C]after
[G]Because you [D7]believed in [G]me  
Because you [D7]believed in [G]me  

It seemed like forever before I could gather
This bouquet of words just for you
To tell you how thankful I am for your love
And for all the dreams that came true

When I was falling you stood by me darling
Your love lifted me to my feet
The world became smaller and I became taller
Because you believed in me

I stepped over mountains that no man had climbed
Wide rivers were easy to cross
I found everything right here in your arms
Everything I thought I had lost

Your love is the key that unlocked the door
That led me to impossible dreams
It was easy to capture the dreams I ran after
Because you believed in me
Because you believed in me

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