Be My Number Two

Höfundur lags: Joe Jackson Höfundur texta: Joe Jackson Flytjandi: Joe Jackson Sent inn af: Anonymous
[F]    [Bb]    [C]    [F]    [Bb]    [C]    
[Am7]    [Gm7]    [C]    [Dm7]    [C]    
[F]    [Bb]    [C]    [F]    [Bb]    [C]    
[Am7]    [Gm7]    [C]    [Dm7]    [C]    
[F]Won't you be my num[Bb]ber    [C]two  
[F]Me and number one [Bb]are    [C]through
[Am7]There won't be too [Gm7]much to [C]do  
just [Dm7]smile when I feel [C]blue

[F]And there's not much left [Bb]of    [C]me  
[F]What you get is what [Bb]you    [C]see  
[Am7]Is it worth the [Gm7]ener    [C]gy  
I [Dm7]leave it up to [C]you  

[Bb]And    [F]if you got [C]something to [F]say to me
[Bb]Don't [F]try to lay [C]off only [F]weights on me
[Bb]I    [F]know that it's [C]really not [F]fair of me
[Bb9]But my heart seemed[C9] too much action

[F]And every time I look [Bb]at    [C]you  
[F]you'll be who I want [Bb]you    [C]to  
[Am7]And I'll do what [Gm7]I can [C]do  
To [Dm7]make a dream or [C]two come [Bb6]true    
if you be [Bb6]my, if you be my [Gm7]number [F]two.

[F]    [Bb]    [C]    [F]    [Bb]    [C]    
[Am7]    [Gm7]    [C]    [Dm7]    [C]    
[Bb6]    [Gm7]    [Gm7/C]    [F79]    

Won't you be my number two
Me and number one are through
There won't be too much to do
just smile when I feel blue

And there's not much left of me
What you get is what you see
Is it worth the energy
I leave it up to you

And if you got something to say to me
Don't try to lay off only weights on me
I know that it's really not fair of me
But my heart seemed too much action

And every time I look at you
you'll be who I want you to
And I'll do what I can do
To make a dream or two come true
if you be my, if you be my number two.

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